GREEN STEEL and its confusion

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GREEN STEEL and its confusion

Post  harbinger on Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:20 am

so kay...

im wanting to make a pair of rapiers (yay) they are going to be exorcist rapiers! lol Holy and acid in tiers 1 and 2 not sure what order prefer the holy be strongest but whatever and the acid burns so I can scream the power of christ compells you as I slay the evil hordes, that part I get, but the tier 3 is where it gets a tad fuzzy, so the tier 3 stuff such as acid or holy or fire or whatever is looking like its a spell? or something you can cast? and not an addition standard damage like icy burst 1d8 or whatever? IS IT? cause if thats the case I dont want a clicky cast attack i'd just preffer to have an all time active effect like negative energy absorbtion or something so yeah, beats calling you (jon) because i'd probably forget half of this by this afternoon! yup... complications and whatnottery plus i dont work tuesday (tomarrow)

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Re: GREEN STEEL and its confusion

Post  Jonth on Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:02 am

Even though I think Jake knows all this stuff now, I'll post some info for future reference to all.

First do vale quests for ingredients for Green Steel Weapon Blank. Create Green Steel Blank.
Greensteels are automatically +5 enhancement bonus, treated as evil for purposes of damage reduction bypass, and have one rank higher of a damage die than there normal counterparts (i.e. normal khopeshes have a die of 1d6, greensteel khopeshes have 1d8, normal rapiers have 1d4, greenteel rapiers have 1d6). Greensteels bind upon equiping or upon upgrading, but not upon acquiring.

The blanks themselves are not all that special, but they can have effects put on them to make them very powerful. In addition they have a minimal level of 12, so they are very good things to have when true reincarnating. Yes, anything bound to your character will carry over to your reincarnation. Hence the appeal to reincarnaters.

Now, go the the shroud and farm the shroud for magical ingredient until your eyes bleed.

Different ingredients are acquired from parts 1-5 (Small, medium large ingredients)
Small ingredient are for tier 1 effects on your greensteel weapon. (Effects like frost or acid)
Medium for tier 2. i.e. Effects like burst and others.
Large for tier 3. Effects such as blast.

Organize your tier 1 and 2 effects right and you get a special clicky effect.

Put a tier 3 effect on there and you are done.

However, if you combine 2 tier 3 crystals that are of similar effects of your tier 1 and 2 effects (i.e. If tier 1 is acid, and tier 2 is good burst, you'll need to combine a tier 3 acid blast crystal with a tier 2 good burst), you'll not only get one of the effects of the tier 3 cyrstals (in this example it will always be acid blast) you will get a special aspect that is always active or has a percent chance to activate on each hit (In this case it will be aspect of mineral which adds metaline and slicing (extra 1d4 damage to targets that can bleed.)
This particular combination is the most popular combination as it creates a weapon that bypasses many of the Damage reductions (DRs) in the game (It basically has Evil, Holy, and any metal including silver, cold iron, and adamantine), including many of the games end game bosses.

It is all a little more complicated than I have it here (mostly in the sense that it's difficult acquiring all the ingredients you need for each effect), but this is mostly it. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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