Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

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Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

Post  Jonth on Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:29 pm

Just letting everyone know that E3 starts this Tuesday. Some may know, some may not, but I am slightly looking forward to it. Dragon's Nest is going to be showcased at it, along with Nintendo's newest console and Sony's handheld. I consider every new console one step closer to virtual reality, although with Nintendo, we could just be looking at a step closer to what is already out there (i.e. XBOX 360, PS3). My wish is for Nintendo to actually have a serious gaming console that can easily compete with the other consoles, and has serious 3rd party games. I don't so much expect it, but yeah, that would make me happy. At least new info should be released about Dragon's Nest.

This website is apparently supposed to provide live coverage during the expo:


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